Are you looking for the best Blu-ray authoring software to make your own home-playable Blu-ray movies? What is the best free Blu-ray authoring software that provides professional yet stylish menu templates? This post introduces the free trial of the best Blu-ray authoring software with menu creator function – Yuhan Blu-ray Creator. Read on to make the best choice!

Why is Blu-ray better than DVD?

Blu-ray is a high-definition disc format used to store hours of video in high-definition quality on a single disc. If you want to enjoy your movies on the big screen, you must use Blu-ray discs instead of regular DVDs for the best viewing experience. Because on larger screens, DVD video may be pixelated due to quality limitations, but Blu-ray video is not and offers crystal clear video quality by comparison. That’s why everyone wants to buy a Blu-ray.
And, when talking about home Blu-ray movie making, we need professional Blu-ray authoring software that can make Blu-ray by burning any HD video to Blu-ray disc or saving Blu-ray ISO file or folder on hard drive. In this article, we will introduce the best Blu-ray authoring software for Mac and Windows to create the Blu-ray movies you want for home entertainment.

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator: Popular Blu-ray authoring software

Yuhan Blu-ray Creator is a high-end yet easy-to-use Blu-ray authoring software program that can easily and quickly burn any video to a blank Blu-ray disc or ISO file/folder. It can also burn all types of videos, including HD camcorder videos.
Feature highlights of this best Blu-ray authoring software:
  1. Available for Mac and Windows, free trial.
  2. Easy to use, user friendly, 100% clean and safe.
  3. Burn almost all types of HD videos (up to 200 formats) to standard Blu-ray discs/folders/ISO files.
  4. Batch conversion to burn multiple videos to one Blu-ray disc.
  5. Customize the playback order of the videos you want to burn as needed.
  6. Support AMD, INTEL, Nvidia graphics card, Mac OS X VideoToolBox acceleration, burning faster than other Blu-ray disc authoring tools.
  7. Regularly updated and stylish menu templates are available for making unique Blu-rays.
  8. High-quality output Blu-ray provides you with a cinematic viewing experience.
  9. Support pictures to Blu-ray videos conversion.


Today, each of us aspires to get the best possible video quality when watching videos or movies. And, when it comes to watching movies on larger screens, CDs or DVDs don’t offer the best quality. Blu-ray came into use, and it stored high-quality video that offered the best quality even when played on larger screens.
That’s why you must need a Blu-ray authoring software program so that we can burn videos to Blu-ray and enjoy them in the home theater with the best picture quality. Although all the mentioned Blu-ray authoring software tools are good and efficient, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator wins the competition with its powerful features and unparalleled user experience. Although it’s not 100% free Blu-ray authoring software, Yuhan Blu-ray Creator allows a free download trial, during which you can burn your own professional-looking Blu-ray with a variety of HD videos.
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